December Fashion Favourites

Due to the (extremely) busy month of december almost being over, I've decided to make a little post on my favourite fashion pieces that I've picked up this month. Truthfully, I've probably spent a little too much this month but between buying presents and seeing the amazing selection of clothes that's started to appear in my favourite shops, I think it's well justified. The clothes in this haul all come from Missguided, Topshop and Ego and since it's sumer where I am, I'm going to be mostly posting outfits for warmer weather. Hope you guys enjoy this little haul/favourites post and let me know what you think in the comments below!

I'm going to start off today with what I bought from Topshop, I only bought three items but I think three is plenty when you really love the pieces. Firstly, I bought a summery spaghetti strap top with a delicate butterfly print. I love this top so much, I think it would work so well with jeans or shorts and you could add a nice wooly cardigan for when it gets a little warmer. It's just a really pretty, versatile top and a well needed addition to my minimalistic summer clothes collection. Next I've got a basic tee that has "bad habits" embroidered, I promised myself this year that I would try to avoid buying more basic tee shirts but I thought this one was so cute and would be a good addition to my wardrobe for school next year due to it being so comfy and casual. Finally, the last piece I bought from Topshop is a pair of high waisted jeans (pictured above). I love these so much, the embroidery looks so cute and the style is really flattering on so it was a no brainer. I really want to pair these with one of those indie buckle belts, pointed black booties and a brown silk spaghetti strap. I've had that outfit idea playing on my brain since I bought them so it sounds like I'm going to have to invest in a new pair of boots and a belt in order to play out my little fantasy.

Secondly, I placed a reasonably big order (by my standards) from Missguided. I can't remember specifically but I think this particular order was inspired by a fifty percent off student discount and lets be real, who can resist that? The first item I've got is a cropped orange hoodie, I love this piece so much because of the really cute ripped texture at the bottom and the beautiful nude orange that the jumper comes in. I think I'll be wearing this a lot with high waisted yoga pants and a sporty shoe to match. Next we have two tee shirts, one's a more feminine nude coloured crossover tee and the other is just a classic band tee from Guns and Roses. I think these are so cute and versatile so I know I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of these. Finally, moving into swimwear, I picked up two bikinis, one i consider a hit and the other seems to be a bit of a miss. The white sporty style bikini looks so cute on and fits me surprisingly well while the other white and nude fishnet triangle bikini doesn't quite measure up. I don't want to give this bikini a bad review or anything because in reality, triangle bikinis usually don't look quite right on me so really this was to be expected. I also didn't like that there weren't separate sizing options for the tops and bottoms (I know a large amount of girls out there feel my struggle here) but otherwise I was really happy with what I bought.

Finally, I only received one lone package from ego shoestore but I'm going to rave about how great their shoes are for a hot minute. I always saw youtubers and instagrammers wearing shoes from this shop and they always looked amazing on. When I finally went and had a look on the website I was actually blown away by how affordable these shoes were too, so I put an order in for the floral embroidered booties (can you tell I'm really into this embroidery trend?) and they arrived SO quickly. I put an order in early December but because they were on pre-order until the 17th I expected them to arrive after christmas, maybe even after the new year, but they arrived on the 20th! This may not be a big deal for american or european readers but for someone that lives in New Zealand that was really fast. The quality was amazing too so overall I just had a really positive experience with ego and I wanted to make sure you all knew how cool they were.

So that's all for my little favourites this week but I promise I'm going to start trying to post more regularly on here, hopefully like twice a week or more. I'm also on the very brink of gaining enough confidence to start a youtube channel, so cross your fingers and send good thoughts my way! I hope you all have an amazing week and I'll talk to you again very very soon! x
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